Calling All Savings Seekers.

Purchase VEZETICredit for a one-time fee of N15,000, make the switch today and say goodbye to your monthly phone bills.

Vezeti Pinless Call

Vezeti Pinless dialing offers you the convenience of making calls without ever entering a pin number. It's faster…

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Vezeti ComPAK

This is a normal regular sim card like Glo or MTN. There are 2 tyoes. ComPAK USA & ComPAK Global. The ComPAK USA…

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Vezeti Business Pro

Vezeti Business Pro (Vomingo) is a calling service that is used for your Office. It replaces the landline. With…

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Vezeti Residential

This is a calling service that is used for your home. It replaces the landline. With this service, all you need is…

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Enjoy Uncompromised Calling.

Vezeti Mobile App

Direct Calling from Phone's local contact list over Wifi, 3G, 4G LTE Data plans.

9Ja Talk Talk

Make Local Calls for a low at N6.40* per minute. For Heavy callers. Monthly surcharge of N2,250.

Same Account

Same Account for PINLESS and Mobile APP

Instant Messaging

Free Instant Messaging On Mobile APP

Enjoy The Same Great Features on Your Smart Phone.

Download the FREE VEZETI App and make Unlimited local & long distance calls to the U.S. and Canada.

No Hush, Talk the Talk.

VEZETI International Calling.


Calling to the US & Canada from Anywhere in the World.

Travel with VEZETI and make Unlimited Local & Long Distance Calls Back to the U.S. and Canada.

Low International Rates.

Call family and friends outside the U.S. and Canada for less using VEZETI. Enjoy low international rates from:
  • Mexico


  • India


  • Dominican R.


  • UK


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